Thursday, September 02, 2010

Martinra at Daily Pundit -

Any “scientific” claim made without willingness to share every scrap of data, every technique, and every last line of code used to reach the conclusion, is not science. At best it is simply flawed, because real science requires independent repeatability of experiments. At worst, it is not even wrong but actively fraudulent.

If the Warmistas were actually scientists, they would welcome skeptical, even hostile, review of their work. They would welcome it when any real flaws were found in their methodology. Since they do not, they are not scientists. They are highly credentialed Ruling Class fraudsters, betrayers of real science and of real scientists whose mannerisms they ape but whose shoes they are not fit to shine. They deserve no more consideration from anyone with a functioning cerebrum than do the folks selling “miracle” weight loss pills on TV at 2AM. In a world unlike ours, i.e. one not dominated by insane legal and social kabuki so convoluted it would stun medieval Byzantine patriarchs at three hundred paces, they would be in jail for fraud.